How Old Are Drawing Tablets?

Doodles can be traced back to ancient cave paintings, and it’s likely that the first drawings were created with whatever was at hand – a piece of charcoal, a stub of coal, a sharpened stick. Over the centuries, various tools have been used for drawing, from styluses and quills to pens and brushes. But the most recent development in this long history is the digital drawing tablet. So how old are they?

Drawing tablets are a more recent invention, with the first of its kind being patented in 1983. Drawing tablets have been used for many different purposes from design to just doodling and coloring. They have been an important tool for artists who want to create their art digitally without having to use a computer or other machinery. With so many options out there it is hard not find one that will fit your needs and budget. Drawing tablets can be found at any price point, but they typically range from $40-$200 on average.

We all know that drawing tablets are amazing tools for artists, but just how old are they? Surprisingly, drawing tablets have been around for centuries! Let’s take a look at their history and some of the best ones on the market today.

Doodling on a piece of paper is a pastime as old as time. But what about drawing on a digital device? Turns out, that’s been around for awhile too! In this blog post, we take a look at the history of drawing tablets and how they’ve evolved over the years. So, how old are drawing tablets exactly? Keep reading to find out!

What comes to mind when you think of a drawing tablet? A small whiteboard-like device with a pen and screen. You might even picture the kids in your neighborhood, scribbling away at their desks after school. But have you ever wondered how old these gadgets are? It turns out that they’ve been around for quite some time! Drawing tablets were first patented in 1966 by Wacom, which is still one of the world’s leading manufacturers today. So next time you’re doing some art or design work on your computer, remember that it’s not just something new – it’s actually been around for over 50 years now!

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